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  • Nesta Certified Trainer

  • B.S San Francisco State 

  • 9 years of expert service

  • 20 + 1st place NPC wins

  • 150 + Top 5 NPC finishers


Our Coaches

Nico Abaya- Head Coach


Nico Abaya founded G-8 Fitness in 2012 and has personally helped over a thousand men and women better themselves by achieving their goals of fat loss, building muscle, and improving their overall health and wellness through our systematic programs.  


His programs are optimized by fusing extensive knowledge of strength training and bodybuilding with more current science and research which prove that old-school rigid diets are a thing of the past. Our programs are designed to bring fitness-model like transformations to everyday people without abandoning their social life’s and allowing them to eat foods that they actually enjoy. 

Nico prides himself in his very personal coaching style. He'll listen to your needs, understand your struggles, and will be available for you around the clock. Getting to know his clients on a personal level has helped him create not only amazing transformations but amazing friendships.

Celia Hassan- Assistant Coach


Celia entered the fitness industry in 2014 with the goal of discovering how to live the healthiest, happiest life possible. Now a coach, nutritionist, and master trainer with over 10,000 sessions under her belt, Celia has helped people of all ages and abilities lose fat, build muscle, and gain confidence.


With additional certifications in Biomechanics, Appreciative Inquiry, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, her coaching style is holistic and encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Celia’s results-driven approach will help you form healthy habits that stick, while measuring and managing what matters most to deliver the results you’re after as safely and as efficiently as possible.


When Celia isn’t coaching she enjoys
exploring new restaurants with friends, dancing the night away at a good EDM show, and watching horror movies with her grumpy cat, Lou.

Shareef Woodruff- Assistant Coach


Shareef is a lifelong enthusiast when it comes to Fitness & Balanced Nutrition. He started off as a coach at a local bootcamp. His amazing energy and fun personality quickly made him popular amongst the members.


Over the last few years, he has assisted 100’s of clients in transforming their bodies and minds.When it comes to coaching, Shareef builds great relationships with his clients while assisting them to make positive impacts in all areas of  their lives.Shareef is both ISSA & NASM certified and is an expert when approaching Fitness & Nutrition with a healthy balance.


Shareef’s favorite quote is “Let me help you Become The Snack while still enjoying them.” 

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